Clear Acrylic Round Cylinder Rings for Eggs or Sphere
Clear Acrylic Round Cylinder Rings Great for Ball Displays

Clear Acrylic Open Ended Cylinder Rings

All Cylinder Rings 1/8" Thick with Smooth, Polished Edges

BOTH Ends are OPEN

Measurements are OUTSIDE Dimensions

Great For an Napkin Rings, Egg, Sphere or Ball Stands.

Our Clear Acrylic Open Ended Rings are High Quality, Durable Units That Can Be Used as Napkin Rings, Ball Holders, Egg Holders, Sphere Holders or Anything You Can Imagine! Our 1/8" Wall Rings are Very Strong and Durable and Have Quality Smooth, Polished Edges.

Click Stock Number Below for Picture and Pricing Diameter Height
Ring21 2" 1"
Ring22 2" 2"
Ring31 3" 1"
Ring32 3" 2"
Ring42 4" 2"

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