Acrylic J Easels and J-stands Displays with Curved Front

Clear Acrylic Deep Curved Front J Easels / J Stands

Great for Books, Products, Literature, Etc.

Deluxe Polished Acrylic for an Upscale Look

Our Deluxe Polished Acrylic J Easels are High Quality, Durable Acrylic Easel Stands to Hold Books, Products, Literature, or Other Items in Stores, Tradeshows, Libraries, etc. We have a Wide Variety of Sizes and Styles to Meet Your Needs.

Click Stock Number Below for Picture and Pricing Width Height Capactity Thickness
JE215-C 1 1/2"W 2"H 1/2"D Curved 1/8"
JE3535-3C 3 1/2"W 3 1/2"H 3"D Curved 1/8"
JE5535-3C 3 1/2"W 5 1/2"H 3"D Curved 1/8"
JE655-3C 5 1/2"W 6"H 3"D Curved 1/8"
JE875-3C 7 1/2"W 8"H 3"D Curved 1/8"

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