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Clear Acrylic Easels

Great for Books, Products, Literature, Etc.

Deluxe Polished Acrylic for an upscale look

Made in USA

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Of Lip
JE15151 1/2"1 1/2"1/4" Flat0.100
JE2151 1/2"2"1" Flat0.100
JE215-C1 1/2"2"1/2" Curved0.100
JE222"2"1/4" Flat0.100
JE2522"2 1/2"1" Flat0.100
JE322"3"1" Flat1/8"
JE2353 1/2"2 1/4"1" Flat1/8"
JE3535-3C3 1/2"3 1/2"3" Curved1/8"
JE4353 1/2"4"1" Flat1/8"
JE435-3F3 1/2"4"3" Flat1/8"
JE5535-3C3 1/2"5 1/2"3" Curved1/8"
JE2753 3/4"2 3/4"1" No Lip1/8" Green Edge
JE6555 1/2"6"1" Flat1/8"
JE655-3F5 1/2"6"3" Flat1/8"
JE655-3C5 1/2"6"3" Curved1/8"
JE8757 1/2"8"1" Flat1/8"
JE875-3F7 1/2"8"3" Flat1/8"
JE875-3C7 1/2"8"3" Curved1/8"
JE11858 1/2"11"1 1/2" Flat1/8"